Docker shared drives and Windows 10 pin

tl;dr Docker for Windows does not accept Windows 10 pins as authentication. Instead, create a local username and password to share drives with.

I recently setup a new Dell XPS 13” for work, with Windows 10. Microsoft has been encouraging users to use a pin instead of a password1; I decided to try it out.

With Windows 10 installed, I next installed Docker for my local development work. Instead of installing development SDKs locally for each language I work in, as of late I’ve been trying to use Docker images for each SDK. My typical workflow is to write source files on my host, and then mount and run those files in the appropriate Docker container.

In order to mount source files into a Docker container within Windows 10, you first need to share any local drives that you intend to mount2. When attempting to share my local drive with Docker, I was prompted for a username and password. Unfortunately, Docker does not accept the pin I setup as valid authentication3.

To workaround the pin issue, I ended up creating a local administrator account4 in order to share the drive5. So far, it’s working as expected.